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My name is Mary.  I am 27 years old and I am an accountant.  I moved to Maryland from New Jersey in August 2014.  This is a huge change for me because I've lived in the same 5 miles radius my entire life, well except college which even still was only 30 minutes away.
I grew up as a tom boy, I have always loved sports.  Between five and twenty years old I was on tee ball, soccer, softball, and field hockey teams.  I played other sports just for fun, like intramural volleyball, football, and softball in college!  Field hockey was by far my favorite thing when I was younger.  I played for eight years (5th grade until a senior in high school), I was captain on my 8th grade team, made varsity all four years in high school, and was captain my junior year, as well.  What stopped me from playing in college?  Simple.  I hated to run.  I was never "good" at running.  I was slow and just never found my stride.  Whenever we did team runs, they plopped me in the front and ran at my pace because I was one of the slowest players.  Now today I wouldn't care about that, but back then it made me self conscious.  My coach's favorite phrase during preseason was "meet me at the track."  I hated that phrase because I hated running, with a passion.  As much as I loved being on the field, I always despised practices.

After my freshman year of college, I stayed at our family beach house and took summer classes.  Everyday after school I ran.  It started out rough, but I eventually got up to four miles.  Now that doesn't sound like a lot, but for me is was such an accomplishment!  And I actually started to enjoy it!  I saw a change in my psychical appearance and all around I just felt better.  Once classes ended, my routine chanced and somehow running was put on the back burner until I eventually stopped.  Over the next four years, I ran off and on (mostly off).  In early 2012 I heard about Disney holding races and I toyed with the idea of signing up for one.  The dream became reality when I signed up for the 2013 Princess Half Marathon.  And my journey began.

Seven months after signing up, I completed my first half marathon in the happiest place on earth!  It felt incredible to do something I never imagined I could accomplish.  Six weeks later I crossed the finish line of my second 13.1 mile race!

So now my journey continues... My journey of running, training, and life.

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