Thursday, January 4, 2018

New Year, New Me

New Year, A New Me --
This is something we always hear around the beginning of every year.  I've never been one for having a resolution like loosing weight or starting to workout because I generally am pretty active during the year.  This past year was different, though, since I was pregnant the first half the year.  My baby girl born on June 20th.  I actively did crossfit until about May when it became too hard on my body.  I truly thought I was going to be that mom that was back in the gym as soon as my doctor gave me the go ahead.  But during my maternity leave I was instead packing up our house in Maryland to move back home to New Jersey.  Once I got the official 'cleared' from my OB, I just didn't have the time or motivation to get back to the gym.  I wanted to snuggle my baby as much as I could.  Plus with breastfeeding, I felt like I could barely leave her because she was so unpredictable.

Well, here I am six months later and haven't gotten back into any sort of workout groove.  I think I ran maybe a mile once or twice so far.  While half of me is upset at myself, then other half is perfectly content with this new life I created.  I have chosen to spend my time with my little one and husband rather than at the gym.

Two years ago, I tried Beachbody, more so, Shakeology and the 3-Day Refresh.  I didn't really get into the workouts because I was going to crossfit.  But now I've come to a place where I'm thinking that this may be my solution.  Now I have never been one to do at home workouts, I honestly just plop down on my couch instead of pressing play.  I'm hopeful that I'll be able to commit and squeeze these workouts in around time with my girl.  I signed up and am awaiting the arrival on my Shakeology and accessories.

Their new program is called 80 Day Obsession and it's what really caught my eye.  I had a huge success with the macro diet while crossfitting before my wedding.  So the fact that this nutrition plan seemed to mimic what I learned with that made me believe in it's capability.  It won't be as intense as counting every single gram of protein/fat/carb, which this new mom appreciates.  All the details for the program come out on the 8th and I can't' wait to fully read about the nutrition plan and workouts!

This year I also want to really get back into running!  I miss it.  I have a jogging stroller, but she was too little to go in it before.  I'm hoping big spring she'll be ready to see the streets because I'm ready to get back out there.  I'd love to try another half marathon, but I know we want to grow our family some more, so only time will tell about that...

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