Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Andrew and I have been going to LA Fitness once or twice a week to do yoga.  He really needs it for his flexibility and I need it to relax.  I am enjoying it much more than I thought I would!!  My main issues is that it’s so late. Okay, okay… 8PM isn’t terribly late, but when get up for a brutal CrossFit class at 6am and plan to do it all over the next day, I need my rest and sleep.  CrossFit also had an instructor come in for a yoga session this past weekend.  It was different than the yoga at LA Fitness.  He focused much more on technique.  The class didn’t really flow as you would imagine a yoga class would, so I would definitely love to see how one of his actual classes, because he was so informative!  I’m crossing my fingers CrossFit decided to bring him back for a regular thing.  I also believe that Andrew and I would benefit more from a yoga instructor that takes into consideration that we CrossFit.  For example… a couple weeks ago we were squatting really heavy and we went to yoga that night and we had to hold so many chair poses and warriors and my leg strength was just gone, they needed a rest!

I have been looking into getting some Yoga DVDs instead of going to the gym.  This would not only allow me to press play whenever I want, but would save us some money from having two gym memberships.  Does anyone have good recommendation?  Thanks in advance!

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