Friday, September 14, 2012

Did that just happen?

So after looking on my MapMyRun app I realized that I hadn't run since August 24th!!  Two and a half weeks off made my Tuesday run a real struggle.  I was shooting for 3-4 miles, the first mile and a half, maybe a little more, went great.  After that I just fell apart and I gave up at 2.85 miles.  I know I should have pushed through, but that time off really hit me.  My thighs were killing me on Wednesday so I took the day off.  I was debating a run yesterday since it was warmer than it has been, but a friend told me I should just go, so I did.  I am so happy that I went!  It was hot, but I ran 6.2 miles!!! I was aiming for 4, then 5, then a 10K to prepare for next month.  The last half mile was really difficult, but I pushed through.  My time wasn't amazing, about an hour and nine minutes, so about an 11 minute pace.  It was actually just a thirty second increase in pace from my longest run (7.1 miles), so I guess it isn't too bad.  All I'm thinking is that this is really possible now - the 10K and half marathon!!  I'm one happy girl today.

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