Thursday, September 27, 2012

Slight Freak Out

Although I thought I had mentally prepared myself that I'm going to run 13.1 miles in February, seeing posts about Galloway Training Programs starting next week freaked me out, just a little.  That means in 22 short weeks I will be flying down Florida with my mom.  I'm debating which program I want to "follow"... the beginning 22 week program or the 19 week experienced runner: To Finish in the Upright Position program.  I put follow in quotations because I generally adapt the programs to fit me and mix it slightly with a Hal Hidgon program I found.  I wouldn't call myself an experienced runner, but I can do the first few weeks of the beginners program without a problem.  I'll probably just go with the flow and see how I feel next week.  Sometimes field hockey makes it harder to run, depends how sore I feel Tuesdays after playing 2-3 games between Sunday mornings and Monday nights.

On a different note I started to make the tutus for that weekend!  I made mine for the 5K.  Next is my Halloween costume/half marathon outfit.  And then onto my mom's for the 5K.  I also have to find someone to make shirts for my mom and I.

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