Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shoes, socks, and charity

Limited Edition 1400, Blue with PinkSo I absolutely love my running shoes.  They've gotten me through two half marathons and many training runs.  What is my favorite thing about them... they are so light sometimes I forget when I put them on.  All my previous running shoes had been heavy with no support, so these were my savior!  So when it came time to order a new shoe, of course I went the same one but a different color (and I even found them on sale - score!!).  I fear change for the simple fact that if I get it wrong I'll be upset at myself.  I have noticed that after long runs I'll sometimes get blisters on the top of a couple of my toes which I thought was a little strange.  I didn't think anything too much about it until I took a (long) hiatus from running.  I had been running with socks that were years old.
C9 By Champion® Women's 4-Pack No Show Socks - Assorted Colors
So this week I went to target, since that was the type of sock I had before and loved.  I know they're not "running socks" but I'm not spending $15 on a pair of socks, it's just not in my budget right now.  I was debating between to pairs, one with a heel protector and one low-cut.  I'm very, very indecisive, one thing I hate about myself.  But I realized I've never had a problem with my heel rubbing so I didn't need that.  I went for my first run in the new socks yesterday and what a difference!  They had extra cushioning from being new and I felt great.  I actually ended up doing a longer run than I had originally anticipated!  So maybe I'll be back and enjoying running before we know it!

I recently discovered an app, well I heard about it a while ago but never downloaded it.  Charity Miles.  It is awesome!  I don't always carry my phone with me when I run, but when I do it's running in the background.  It's so simple and it donates $.25 for every mile you run or $.10 for every mile you bike to the charity of your choice.  You simply open the app, swipe through the charities, and go.  I usually go for ASPCA, but occasionally I'll pick a different one to change it up.  It makes running more appealing knowing that I'm helping out by getting out there.

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