Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I finally sucked it up and bought a bike.  I had been talking about it for about 2 years so I figured it was time.  What's hard for me is that I don't fit on adult size (26" tires) bikes.  My legs are short so youth it is for me.  I knew I wanted a mountain bike, but there are so many cute cruisers that it was almost hard to pass them up.  I didn't want to spend too much because I hadn't been on a bike in probably 10+ years, so I found one on sale for $85.  Ordered it online and it was delivered on Friday.  Luckily I have an awesome boyfriend who put it together for me.  After he finished he told me to try it out, I just went down the driveway, but boy did it feel weird.

"Magna Women's Great Divide 24" Mountain Bike - Purple"
On Saturday I had planned to clean the house, which turned into a major organization fest.  Then I decided to go on a nice bike ride.  Took me a couple minutes to find my groove and the entire ride to work on the gears/friction (which I'm still not totally sure if I got right).  But it was a nice switch from just running.  I went almost seven miles but about half way through, the seat hurt so bad.  I ordered a gel cushion the next morning.  So we'll see how this new adventure goes.

On the running side of things - I've been trying to get out there a couple times a week.  I did 2 miles straight last Thursday and 2.5 last night.  I'm trying to build my endurance back up and then maybe I'll work back in higher distances.

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