Tuesday, September 3, 2013


So I think I've got the racing bug, again.  It could be that fall is coming which means great running weather or could be I just saw a bunch of pictures from the Disney half marathon and Dumbo Challenge!  But of course all the races that are around me currently have super high price tags because they're in a couple months.  As much as I want to race, I refuse to shell out $100+!  I found one that's only $35 (strange because I'm used to seeing Disney prices).  Problem is it's in four weeks, I'm not sure I could be ready by then.  Then there's the problem I saw you may not be able to wear headphones - I'm not sure I could run 13.1 miles without my music motivation!  I sent an e-mail to them to check if that was correct, so we'll see about that one.

I just miss the way I felt when I was training.  I dreaded those long runs, but boy, did I feel good about myself.  Part of me then thinks I need to just force myself to do long runs of the weekends, pretend I'm training for something.  Then I don't need to spend money.  The feeling of completing a race, though, that's what I miss.

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