Monday, November 11, 2013

New beginnings

So the last night I had a new computer was when I graduated high school in 2006.  This computer got me though my undergrad degree plus my extra classes after I graduated.  When I started working full time, I had my computer at work so I never saw a reason to get a new one.  Because my family owns the company, the computer was practically mine anyway, right?  In September my computer crashed and I was afraid I lost all my pictures and word documents.  Luckily I have an amazing computer guy in the family and he saved everything.  I immediately brought in my personal external hard drive and backed up all my things (why I never did that before, I have no idea!).  Now I had purchased an iPad for an ex-boyfriend and he left it when he moved out back in 2011, but I never got on the iPad wagon.  I used it to go on Facebook, Pinterest, play candy crush, but other than that it just sat in my drawer.  My old college laptop still works, I can burn CDs and update my iPod for running, but it's so long and needs to be plugged in to work at all.  Secretly I wanted to buy a new computer, but to spent extra money on something I didn't need didn't make sense.  Alas I found online yard sales on Facebook and started selling random things I didn't want or need anymore.  My mom decided to buy my iPad off me to entertain my niece when she's babysitting.  So here I am posting from my new laptop!  It's small with not much memory, but I have a huge external hard drive and it's perfect for me (and my wallet).

Okay onto running... I was randomly searching fitness apps on my phone and found one called Gipis.  Now I have no idea what that stands for, but it takes your last timed run and a goal you have in mind and creates a training plan for you.  I'm a big believer in the Galloway method, intervals of running and walking.  That' show I survived my two first half marathons, but I figured I'll try something new - why not?
Why am I so excited for this new app?  Oh, I registered for the new Philly half marathon, the Love Run, on March 30th!  I ran Saturday morning and felt great.  After we got home from dinner my boyfriend convinced me to just register.  As much as I wished he would run with me, knowing that I'll have a cheerleader waiting for me at finish line is just as exciting.  My friend signed up for the half last night, so this will be the first half I have a partner in crime.  She's never done a run, besides The Color Run, so she's beyond excited.  All day we talked about training and tips and just running in general.  I'm trying to talk another friend into coming with us, too, but she's nervous, and with a new, time consuming job she's worried about having the time to train.  I understand that all, but I know deep down she wants to do it so I'm hoping to provide that extra push that she needs.
I had my second training run today.  This plan has me running time lengths of time for the first month, but all the runs are supposed to be slow.  Slow to the point that I actually can't go as slow as they're asking me to go.  I'll have no problem going right back to the intervals if I'm not feeling this plan, but I figured why not try something new.

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