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3 Day Refresh Review

During the summer of 2015 a friend had told me about the 3 Day Refresh.  It spiked my interest, I researched it a bit but then I forgot about amidst planning the wedding.  Now that my life has calmed down I decided to take another look at it.  I ordered a challenge pack, which included the 3 Day Refresh, along and the new CafĂ© Latte Shakeology (review to come later).  I received in on a Thursday and planned to start Monday with a couple people, but with blizzard Jonas approaching I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to start.  Out grocery store happened to be open on Sunday and we ventured out so I could get the ingredients I needed, and got “real food” for the hubby.  The food wasn’t too far off from my normal, just more veggies and less protein (but that’s what they shakes are for).  I was excited that I would be able to start on Monday, and even better, I happened to not have to go into the office!  I would be able to gauge how I would feel without being at work – I can be super grumpy when I’m hungry, so I was nervous for my co-workers.  Here is a breakdown of my three days on the refresh…
Day One:
·        8:30am: Woke up and drank my water.
·        9:00am:  Drank my Shakeology and ate half of a banana.  Then I went out and shoveled snow for about an hour with my husband.
·        10:00am: Had a nice hot cup of Lipton Mandarin Green Tea.
·        11:00am:  Fiber Sweep.  I was really scared to drink this because most of the reviews I read said this was the worst part.  Even my coach said to just chug it.  I mixed it with cold water and after I took the first sip, I realized I didn’t mind it that much.  Sure it was slightly gritty, but the taste was a lot more pleasant than I anticipated!
·        1:00pm:  Lunch time!  I mashed up some avocado and cut up a red pepper.  Then I blended together my Vanilla Refresh, banana, and a handful of ice.  This was super tasty!  And I was really full after eating.
·        3:30pm:  Afternoon snack.  I had cucumbers and hummus, which I was looking forward to!  I hadn’t had hummus in forever and I love hummus!
·        4:30pm:  Afternoon tea, same kind as the morning.
·        6:15pm:  Dinner.  While my husband ordered dumplings and an egg roll from my favorite Chinese place, I had the Coconut Steamed Veggies.  I actually found it really tasty!  I could definitely see this as regular with a little protein on top.  I also put in a dash of cinnamon into my Vanilla Fresh and loved that!  I gave my husband a sip and he said he liked it

, too.
The rest of the night I just drank my water and relaxed, knowing that my snowed in time from the blizzard was coming to an end.  But I will say that I was surprised how good I felt.  Not too hungry and energized!  No headaches, which was one thing I read in other reviews and I was afraid of.
Day Two:
·        7:00am:  Woke up and chugged some water.  Decided to hop on the scale, just to see if there was any movement.  I was the exact same weight, but was not discouraged either.  The world wasn’t built in a day!
·        7:30am:  Had my half of a banana and Shakeology before heading back to work after a long, relaxing weekend.  My husband drove me since our roads were still slippery, but it was also his birthday so I was happy to get to spend a little extra time with him!
·        9:30am:  Morning Tea.
·        11:00am:  Fiber Sweep.  I still found this to be okay, not complaining about it!
·        1:30pm:  Lunch.  I’m boring and don’t mind having the same thing days at a time.. So my meals are going to be repetitive (also is easier to meal prep in bulk).  Peppers and avocado, but since I was at work I just ate the banana and drank the Vanilla Refresh separate.
·        I was not hungry at all for my afternoon snack.  So I asked my coach if I should squeeze it in or just skip it.  She suggested if I wasn’t hungry to just skip it and add some extra veggies to dinner.
·        6:00pm:  Dinner.  Tonight I made the Cucumber and Tomato Salad.  I really enjoyed this salad; it was full of flavor and filling!  I can definitely see myself making it on the regular.  Then I blended my Vanilla Refresh with some cinnamon and ice.  I ended up making it a tad too think, so it took forever to drink.
I could not believe how full and energized I was today!!  No headaches or lightheadedness today either.  Looking forward to finishing up tomorrow and see the results on Thursday!
Day Three:
·        7:00am:  Woke up (well I was rolling around since 6:00, in and out of sleep, but still felt refreshed) and chugged some water.  I wasn’t going to, but I weighed myself again… down 1.5 pounds!
·        7:30am:  Had my half of a banana and Shakeology.
·        9:45am:  Morning Tea.  I more so needed this for warmth than anything else.  But does anyone ever get “work tired?”  I’m not tired at all and I’ll be full of energy as soon as I leave work.  But while I’m at my desk I just seem to have no energy!
·        11:45am:  Fiber Sweep.  I just couldn’t find a second to leave my desk at 11:00.  So I was a little late drinking this today.  Last one down, and I still didn’t mind the taste.
·        1:30pm:  Lunch.  Same as yesterday.  Peppers, avocado, banana, and Vanilla Refresh.
·        Skipped my afternoon snack again – what?!  No hunger here.
·        6:00pm:  Dinner.  Tonight I made with the Spinach Salad.  I thought I would have loved this dish, hence why I saved it for last.  But I was not a fan, and I won’t be making this again.  I think for me it was the dressing, wasn’t feeling the lemon-y flavor.
I was so excited to wake up on Day 4 that I was up before my alarm!  When I started 3 Day Refresh I weighed 128.6 pounds.  That morning the scale said 125.8!  Wait - what?!  I thought that I would stay around the 1.5 mark… but almost 2.8 pounds.  I was amazed.  I lost a quarter inch in my waist and a quarter inch around my hips.
The Day After:
I was so worried that I would instantly put back on all, if not just some, of the weight I had lost from eating “normal” again.  So of course I had to weigh myself on Day 5 (Friday).  125.6 pounds… that was .2 pounds less and brought me to an even three pound loss in a week!  I’ll tell you what a typical day looks for me though (lunch and dinner will always vary):
7:30:  Shakeology with frozen mini banana, peanut butter, water and ice blended.
9:30:  Tea
11:00am:  Triple Zero Greek Yogurt
1:30:  Chicken, ketchup, cucumber, mashed avocado (leftover from the 3 day refresh), and a small gala apple
6:00:  Egg whites, cup of broccoli, ketchup, and a little granted parm cheese
7:30:  And because I could I had a handful… a BIG handful… of semi-sweet chocolate chips and a tablespoon or two of peanut butter.  The peanut butter is a normal night time thing for me – but not the chocolate.

Would I do it again?
Definitely, I would.  If I needed a kick in the butt, like I did after this blizzard, to get back on the healthy eating bandwagon, I would definitely do another. 
Would I recommend this to others?
Absolutely!  The program is so simple to follow, which makes it so much easier to stick with!  And you just have to tell yourself that you can do anything for just three days.
Final thoughts.
If you ask my husband, he’ll tell you that I need to eat every two hours to be a pleasant person.  And I think these past three days has proved that wrong!  I will say that I put all my food into My Fitness Pal, just to see where I was each day.  I was low on calories, but my carbs were around what I would eat on a typical “rest day” from my Macro diet.  That could have contributed to why I felt so full, but regardless I loved the 3 day refresh!!

**Disclaimer:  I am a Beach Body Coach, but I did pay for this product and this review is my honest opinion.  If it sparks your interest enough to try it… you can email me (, leave a comment below, or find me on Facebook (

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