Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Year

Okay, so I don't even know if anyone reads this because I'll admit I'm not the best blogger.  But as I've always done, I'm going to write for me.. for my own memories.  But if you happen to read this, I would love to know!

Last update was September 2014 (has it really been that long?!).  I attempted using WordPress but I wasn't a fan.  Plus all my memories are here.
In August 2014 I moved to Maryland to be with my (then) boyfriend.  We got engaged on November 8, 2014.  We got married on December 5, 2015.  It was honestly the best day of my life.  I'll do a post just for a couple pictures later.  We went on an amazing honeyumoon - two days in DisneyWorld and then eight days in Jamaica.  And better yet we had friends get married the week after us and they and a couple of their friends met us at the same Sandals resort in Jamaica after their wedding.  It was so much fun!

I've been back at crossfit since December 2014.. because of the move I had about a four month leave.  It was difficult getting back into it (the soreness was insane), but I found an awesome gym here with amazing people!  I've let running slack a little since all the wedding craziness.  I did the Hot Chocolate 15K in Philadelphia back in April 2015 and the Annapolis Running Classic 10K in November.  They were both fun, and I didn't really train for either so no PRs for this girl.

One thing (besides getting married) that has changed my life was a challenge we did at the gym.  It was called the Fall Transformation Challenge.  It wasn't about losing weight.  We instead focused on our eating habits and losing body fat.  Our coach put together an amazing template to teach us about Macros.  I was amazed to learn that what I thought was healthy before was actually hindering any changes from happening.  I actually came in third in the challenge!!!  I lost 3.7% of my body fat.  I did not think that would happen because I honestly didn't think I could lose that much.  But I'm definitely going to continue to use this knowledge forever.  Now I just want to see if I can mix that and 21 Day Fix together.  21 Day Fix is just so much simpler to follow in a busy day.

Now I'm toying with the idea of running the Disney Marathon in January 2017.  I'm nervous and scared because to me that just seems like a really long time to run.  But I'm also not throwing out the idea of just doing the half.  I just have to see if it's even possible for me to get off work at that time since it's our busy time of the year (cross your fingers!).  Until then I'm considering a local half or 10 miler to see how it feels to be back at running.

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