Friday, August 3, 2012

Small Victories

Lost a half a pound this week.  And that was after eating a huge bowl of fro-yo last night.  A friend and I went to the doctors and we rewarded ourselves with frozen yogurt.  But I feel great after seeing that slight change.

I am loving the Olympics!  Team USA is doing such an amazing job and they are such an inspiration!  I saw a tweet last night... : We live in a country where we care about being "16 and Pregnant" more than "16 and an Olympian" and it's crazy how it's true.  Hopefully teenagers and young adults will start to look up to these Olympians.  I wish I was good enough at a sport to be a part of the Olympics.  Think if I start training now I'll be good in 4 or 8 years?  :)

I'm researching new shoes and I feel like there are just so many brands and kinds that I just get confused.  What are your favorite shoes for running and working out?

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