Friday, June 8, 2012

Back to the gym...

I looked back at my past workouts and realized I had not been to kickboxing since May 3rd - 5 weeks!  The last time I took three weeks off, I died at class, and this was a longer time span.  I was fully prepared to want to kill the instructor and to be sore this morning.  There were three of us there that hadn't been in a while, so it was nice to suffer with others.  The warm up wasn't too bad, since we generally jog/side shuffle/scoop around the bags and running makes that part a little easier.  As soon as we got to the actual bag work, I knew I had to take it slow so I didn't wear myself out.  But alas, I was out of juice pretty quick.  The instructor looked at me and said that we were going to love (full of sarcasm) the second half of class.  With just the look he gave when I asked him what it was, I knew it was going to be something difficult.  At 8:00 we put our bags off to the side. Usually I give a little cheer when he says this, but then I remember what he said and that took my enthusiasm away.  He announced we'd be doing basically suicides in our tiny gym room.  (He says one - we run across the room once and touch the floor.  He says two - we go to the other side, touch, and back.  All the way up to five, and back down to one.)  First set not so bad.  I didn't know we were doing multiples so I pushed myself a little too hard, but I refused to give up!  Next set he added push ups at the end, one - two - depending on what number we were on.  And surprise.. a third set with burpees!  But I convinced him only to go up to five and not back down.  After all of that I thought I was going to fall on the floor, but I felt amazing because I did it (and faster than everyone else).  Then we did abs.  A woman in the class, who also teaches classes at the gym, did them and man is she a beast.  I could not keep up with her!  But alas I am not too sore today.  I'm still waiting for it to hit me later, so we'll see.

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