Friday, June 29, 2012


Weekly workout recap:
Monday - Cardio Interval & Kickboxing
Tuesday - I was really thinking about going to the gym, but my friend wasn't going, so I chose a rest day instead.
Wednesday - Kickboxing
Thursday - Kickboxing

Despite the heat wave, I need to get out sometime this weekend to do some type of run, even if it's just a mile or two!  I'm going to our shore house weekend, so maybe I'll pack some workout gear since it always seems a little cooler down there.

So I tried Gatorade (the low calorie one) while running and I liked it, so while shopping at Sam's Club I looked at all the Sports Drinks.  I went with PowerAde Zero.  It was cheaper than Gatorade and I liked that it had no calories.  I brought it to Kickboxing last night and that's when I really looked at the nutrition label.  It had more sodium than I anticipated.  So I did a little research today and this is what I saw:
"Not all sports drinks hydrate equally. Those that contain higher amounts of sodium are preferable, because they are absorbed quicker and maintain fluid balance in the blood and muscles better. Choose a sports drink that contains at least 15 mg of sodium per oz."
So I what I'm drinking is okay.  What do you drink while you're working out?

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