Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Round Up

So this weekend was workout-less (that's how it seems to go with me, unfortunately).  Friday was National Donut Day and at Dunkin Donuts you got a free donut with an beverage purchase.  So after work, a friend came over and we hit up our local Dunkin.  I was debating between my favorite, strawberry frosted, and their new cocoa donut.. I went with the cocoa.  But as I got the bag I realized it seemed pretty heavy for one donut. The worker put four donuts in my bag!  Score!!  The cocoa donut, strawberry frosted, and 2 chocolate frosted.  She made my day!  I ate two that night (oops?) along with my almond coffee.  We watched Say Yes to the Dress and gossiped.  We decided to start a little competition with each other, for weight loss.  We start tomorrow and will go until Friday, July 13th (the start of my birthday weekend).  The winner gets $10 to the Disney store, complements of the loser.

Saturday I got up early to babysit for a couple of hours.  Getting paid to watching children movies and sit on someone's couch is pretty awesome.

Sunday I had to get up early again.  Our field hockey game was at 9, ouch.  So I guess I did workout this weekend.  We actually had seven people show up, still not enough for subs, but we at least had a full team!  Apparently our team is overloaded with defense players, so I got stuck at offense.  I just looked at it as a better workout, as I died running up and down the field.  After we got killed, I showered and got ready to head to the beach, my happy place!  Spent three hours there and didn't get burnt this time!

I got to work this morning and thought we haven't done a Biggest Loser here in a while.  So I'm starting one up for this Friday until August 31st.  Can you tell I really want the motivation?  What do you do for extra motivation?


  1. Money at the Disney store sounds motivating to me! Great idea. And I have heard that people have a lot of fun with those Biggest Loser competitions at work! Thinking about losing all this baby weight and being able to run the Princess Half motivates me to keep going. I know it's going to take a lot of work!!!