Monday, July 2, 2012

It's July already?!

This weekend was so nice!  Friday night I had a nice night in, watched Day 1 of the US Women's Gymnastics Olympic trials.  They really gave me some inspiration to work harder at the gym.  We had an intense storm overnight.  I woke up between 1:00 and 1:30AM and it looked like there were strobe lights outside my window from the non-stop lightening.  The thunder was crazy, too!  I woke up early to head to the shore.  I didn't realize how bad the storm was until I got on the roads.  I don't like to take the expressway, so I generally take the back roads - so many trees and tree branches down, and some even blocking part of the roads!  A few towns didn't have power, which meant traffic lights were out.  Apparently half the island didn't have power, but luckily my half did!  Went to the beach for a couple hours (didn't get any sun burn!!).  Then just had a lazy day around the house, played with my niece and watched a movie with my parents.  Yesterday, I intended to get up and go for a run, but apparently my body thought my bed was so much more comfortable than the one I have at my house, and I slept for about 11 hours!  It felt really nice, actually.  A couple friends drove down and we went to the beach.  We went in the water most of the time, which was nice because it was so hot outside!  I got a few patches of sunburn, but not too bad.  When I got back home, I went over to my brother's for cake and ice cream because his birthday is today.

I've been thinking of different workout schedules that involves both my classes at the gym and running (I know I need to start it back up, sooner rather than later).  So my tentative schedule will be:

Monday - Turbo Interval and Kickboxing
Tuesday - Field Hockey (for the next six weeks) and either a run or a class at the gym
Wednesday - Kickboxing and possibly a Core Conditioning class
Thursday - Run and Kickboxing
Friday - off
Saturday - Run
Sunday - off

This week will be a "get ready for this new schedule" kind of week, because the 4th of July is Wednesday and the gym is closed.  And I have the Color Run on Sunday!!!  My first ever race, I'm so excited!!

In other good news, I am now a Sweat Pink Ambassador!!  I'm still trying to figure everything out (it being Monday morning is making everything more difficult).  But I'll definitely keep you guys updated!

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  1. Being a SPA is mostly about connecting with other SPAs and spreading the Sweat Pink love. It's a pretty simple concept, but I'm thinking it's awesome so far!

    Be prepared to scrub up on Sunday after the Color Run! It's going to be tons of fun, but terrible to wash off!