Friday, July 27, 2012

Compliments are the best

Field hockey was great this week!  It was a 7:30 game, so it was just a little cooler but it seemed to help a great deal.  We only had one sub because a few girls were on vacation and one was a the doctors, but in the end it was fine.  I pushed up more (more running!!) and I almost scored once!  And we won!  The best part was the compliments, one of the other defense players said that she thinks mid fielder is my calling.  I don't believe that, but it was really nice to hear that I did well!
I had to skip kickboxing Wednesday because I was cooking for my work pot luck.  Made Sweet Potato Chili, and it was delicious!!
Back to the gym last night.  This class was intense, because we only had seven people.  I haven't sweat like that at kickboxing in a while.

I'm planning my outfits, and my moms, already for the Disney races!

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