Monday, May 14, 2012

Catch Up

Thursday I convinced my running buddy to come over after work.  She's been having a hard time with motivation lately, so I'm trying to help her out.  We ran two miles, at her pace, and then ended to walking and chit chatting for the two miles home.  I figured, though, that we did something which  was better than nothing.

Saturday I woke up with the intention to run, but after I ate breakfast I realized that I had close to no food in my house.  Needless to say, food shopping won that battle - but I made sure to buy a lot of yummy fruits and veggies.  Then I got ready to head to Brigantine, my family has a shore house there so that's where my mother was.  I spent the afternoon with them, and we went out to dinner.  It would have been nice to stay the night, but I didn't want to have to wake up extra early to make it to my field hockey game in the morning.

Sunday I played indoor field hockey, with some friends I haven't seen in a while (it was so nice to see them and hang out with them again).  I haven't picked up a stick in about six years, so I didn't know how it would go, but as long as I had fun I knew I would be happy.  Our team lost, terribly 11-1, but I did have fun!  I even scored our only goal!!  That's extra awesome, because I think it may have been my first goal ever, in eight years of playing in school - I did play defense.  Oh my, was it a workout though.  I had to play the front and mid and defense positions during the 40 minute game, and we didn't have any subs.  I thought I was going to die once or twice.  I can run, at my slow-ish pace, for miles, but now I see why every says interval training is so great.  Those bursts of spirits killed me.  And just the way your body has to move, pivoting and bending down, uses muscles that I usually don't - my butt is hurting.

I'm so frustrated!!  How do I keep gaining weight?  I eat pretty healthy and I work out.  I just don't understand!  I mean I suppose this weekend I didn't do too well with eating, with mother's day cake and a few other goodies.  But it just stinks to get on the scale in the AM and have it go up - not a good way to start the day!

If you haven't already checked out Bethi's blog, you definitely should!  She's currently having a giveaway of a SPI belt that looks super cute!  It looks small, but it expands to fit your necessities!  I love Minnie Mouse and this belt is red and white polka dots, just like her!  She has the different ways to enter, so go take a look.  She's also a huge inspiration during her journey to running a half marathon!

Tess is also having a giveaway!  Super cute workout shirts that have great motivational sayings!  If you need that extra boost to get you out the door to run or workout, these would sure help!  I think that when you look and feel good, you have an easier time getting out there.  And the best part, is that they custom make shirts if you don't find one you like!!  Esty has surely become my new favorite place to find little treasures!

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  1. Thanks for the sweet words and shout out about my contest! Good luck with your workouts. You are pretty active there :)