Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Yesterday I had a lot of energy for kickboxing!  When I'm like that my friends say that I'm on my "gym crack." haha  Looking back I probably should have tried to fit in a short run beforehand.  I didn't sleep too well the night before, so maybe I ate the right foods.  I ate a bigger lunch and a smaller dinner as compared to normal.  I'll definitely be trying this out more in the future.
BurpeesI love the actual bag work that we do in class, I have made a personal goal to knock over my bag with a round house kick... I'm so close!  My favorite part of the class has when he tells us to put our bags off to the side, though, and we do some type of stations.  Maybe it's because I'm already exhausted and it's a challenge to manifest the energy to do it.  But it feels so rewarding when we start our cool down stretches!  Last night we did different types of burpees, Kettle bells, and abs.  I have to be one of the only people in the class that doesn't mind burpees.

I've been wanting to try out different classes at the gym.  They recently added three classes with a new instructor:  Turbo Interval, Core Conditioning, and Boot Camp.  I feel like I need a friend with me to brave that first time at a new class.  I'm working on my running partner and one other friend, so we'll see!

Do you go to classes at your gym?  If you do, what are you favorites and why?


  1. I haven't done any classes, because I can't find anyone who wants to do them with me! One of these days I'll start doing it, but I haven't gotten the courage yet!

    1. That's why I haven't gone to the new classes! I've been going to kickboxing for 4 months and I finally feel like I could go at it alone. It's definitely more fun with friends, though!