Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Roundup

This weekend was a pretty relaxing one.  Saturday I got a huge tree removed that fell in my yard a couple of months ago and two other trees taken down.  My backyard looks so big now!  I can't wait to fix it up and "landscape."  I do not have a green thumb by any means but I'm going to try because I want a fun summer backyard.  I'm thinking a fire pit and a cute little area to lay out in.  I went out with a friend Saturday night, for her friend's birthday.  Got home at like 2AM, late for me!

Sunday was another field hockey game!  I got to play defense the entire game, still no subs, though!  So 45 minutes of internals - run/sprint/walk with a few breaks of nothing when the ball was at the other end.  I think I pulled 2 muscles, so I look really awkward walking today.  We lost terribly.  So we celebrated that by going to the local ice cream place after the game!  Yumm!

It's raining today and add the pain I'm in, so I'm not sure I'll get a run in.

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