Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thank you!

I thought I posted this via my phone, but I guess it never went through.  Can't trust technology, I suppose.

When I got home Friday from work, I went to get the mail.  I opened the mailbox to find a little package waiting for me!  I got so excited to see it was the shirt that I won from Tess's giveaway.  I put it on right away and fell in love!  I can't wait to wear it out, not just on my runs but everywhere!  I actually wore it down to the beach on Saturday.  It's super comfy.

If you haven't checked out this shop on Etsy, definitely do it!  Nutrition Snob

Memorial Day Weekend was a busy one, for sure, but unfortunately not a lot of training.  Had a lazy Friday night watching movies, went to bed early-ish because I wanted an early start to Saturday.  Drove down to my family's beach house with a friend in the morning and hit the beach for four hours.Now I'm pretty fair skinned, but I applied sun screen regularly when I was there, but still managed to get a funky sun burn.  Just a strip on the back of each leg, one worse than the other, and half my back.  Now I'll be half tan when it goes away.  My friend's back and butt were all burnt, so we suffered together.  We came home and later another friend came over and we just hung out.
Sunday we planned to head into Philly for the day.  Our friends work on the Ferry boat that takes you from the Camden Waterfront to Penn's Landing.  So we hopped on that to see them, and it was something we never did before so it was nice!  We knew we had to try out this ice cream shop, Franklin Fountain.  If you're ever in Philadelphia definitely check it out!  It was a bit pricey, but totally worth it.  We shared their biggest sundae - three scoops of ice cream with the works.  We went with Maple Walnut topped with strawberries for her, Peanut Butter topped with chocolate syrup for me, and Banana topped with pineapple in the middle - all topped with almonds and whipped cream.  So delicious!!  This was our lunch - I know not a great lunch nutrition-wise, but sometimes you just have to live a little.
Then we walked around all the tourist spots in the city.  We really haven't been there since we were kids on school trips so it was nice to see it again!  We saw Independence hall and the buildings around it.  The Liberty Bell had a long line to see, so we looked at it from the outside of the building.  We were about the go into Betsy Ross's house, but there was a charge, and we were being cheap so we didn't go in.  Walked passed the Mint on the way back to the Ferry.  On the way home we got a flat tire!  When we finally got home we relaxed for a little and then got ready to head to Ocean City for a little board walk fun.  We went on a ride, walked around, and then got some amazing late night Pizza.
Monday we had a super lazy day.  Layed on the couch most of the day.  We decided since it was Memorial Day we needed to get a burger so we headed to Five Guys.  (I ate so horribly this weekend!  So it's back on track today.)  And now, I'm unfortunately at work.  How was everyone's Memorial Day weekend?

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  1. That shirt is super cute! I tend to wear it more out than I do when working out!

    Looks like you had a good weekend!