Friday, May 18, 2012

Testing out the Gatorade

Wednesday I was so tired.  I guess my body can't handle going out until 1:00 and then getting up at 6:30 for work.  I tired the Gatorade chews in the Orange flavor.  They have a texture that I'm not too fond of, but the taste wasn't horrible.  But I do not think they gave me energy because I proceeded to lay on the couch and watched my recorded TV shows that day.  But maybe it was really the lack of sleep, who knows.  I'll give them another shot Sunday before my field hockey game.  Currently, though, I prefer the Power Bar energy chews.

Yesterday I told myself I had to go for a run.  I was determined to make it a longer one, too.  I also bought Gatorade to take on the run with me instead of water.  I can't tell if it made me more thirty or not, since I don't regularly bring water with me.  But I chugged a bottle of water when I got home, which I usually don't do.  I was shooting for 7 miles, but only made it 5.28 (still not bad though!!).  My running plan is usually to walk a short distance every mile.  I seem to have a hard time with the third mile for some reason, so I usually take two walk breaks then.  Yesterday, during mile four and five, I went for a mile and half without stopping.  I don't know where the energy came from, but it was nice.  Thinking about it now, I should have taken the walk bread earlier though, because then maybe I could have gone a farther distance.  Oh well.  Still a successful day if you ask me!


  1. I agree, great job! And good luck finding your favorite products. It's fun to try them out.