Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pretty, Pretty Princess

Yesterday was my first day running with someone since I've played sports.  My friend is considering running the Princess half with me, so we figured we may as well see where each other are, running wise.  Going into it, we both kind of knew I am faster and have more endurance.  So this run was much more leisurely than I would have done on my own.  It was kind of fun being her "trainer" and pushing her.  I carried a little water bottle that I had, and it wasn't too bad.
During our run and afterwards, we were discussing our princesses and what we would dress up like for the half marathon. I was set on picking Belle as my princess, but at the time I was only thinking of the "original" princesses that I knew as a kid.  I never even considered the newer princesses, like Rapunzel.

She is smart, since she's stuck in the tower she made the best of her time and educated herself.  She has a dream and the courage to pursue it.  Although she is a little scared when first leaving the tower, her adventurous and confident side take over.  She has the confidence to stand up for herself.
What I don't like about Rapunzel:  She lets her 'mother' control her life, but I guess when that's all you know, you just assume what's happening is normal.

And here was what I originally said about Belle:

1113244564_HPrincessBelle.gifShe is intelligent.  She loves to read and follow her imagination.  She'll do anything for her family (her father).  She's not afraid to speak her mind.  She'll stand up for what is right.  She can be stubborn, but also compassionate.  She can see inner beauty in others.  What I don't like about Belle:  I could not think of a con for Belle, so I did a little research to see what other people had to say.  Some people say that she broke her promise to the beast to stay forever.  When he was treating her that way, would you stay?  She went back when the situation presented itself.

I think, as of now, I don't necessarily have a "favorite" princess, because both of them are pretty awesome.  I suppose I'll decide which one to choose when the time comes.  But as for an outfit, I think I'm leaning towards Rapunzel, I just look better in purple than yellow. :)


  1. Go with Rapunzel!!! That is who I picked! She is the best (if not a little bipolar at times, but that just makes her exciting right?!).

    1. I've only seen Tangled once- crazy, right? I've asked a friend to borrow it again but she can't seem to find it.