Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why is food so delicious?

I decided yesterday that I really need to start watching what I eat again.  I wouldn't say that I eat badly, but I find myself snacking more and that really adds up.  I used to be strict with calories, using an online food diary to track what I ate.  It really did helped me lose weight, along with my running.  When I joined the gym in January I hit my lowest weight at 117.  And now I'm 129?!  What the hell!  I know some of it is muscle for kickboxing and running, but seriously twelve pounds!  So today I started that calorie counting, which some people say isn't great for you to do, but it works for me.  I'm doing really well today!  Great run yesterday and a good diet to follow! :)


  1. great job! I am trying to watch my calories, but my husband is a chef and it's so hard to watch what I eat when there is always such good food around!!

  2. Mary, I linked to your blog @