Monday, April 9, 2012


For some reason, I have such a hard time getting out running on the weekends.  I mean, shouldn't it be easy since I'm not exhausted from an nine or ten hour work day?  I find my mindset to be the opposite of most people.  I have more energy and motivation after working all day, I guess it's since I'm already moving around it's easier for me to get my butt in gear.

But on the weekends, I can sleep eight hours and then still want to lay on the couch and do absolutely nothing.  Yesterday, I slept my eight hours woke up and went to my parent's house for Easter breakfast.  We went to church and then we took a ride to our shore house.  I napped the entire way there.  When we got there I laid right on the couch, I didn't sleep but I could have.  That seems like a problem to me.

I may have discovered a solution.  Last week, a friend and I were just so tired/lazy, very different from our usual selves.  She proceeded to tell me that she realized what her problem was.  She had low iron, and she hadn't been taking her pills.  So I'm going to try it out, I'll run to a store and get some this afternoon and see if that helps.

To give me an extra boost of motivation I'm going to make a list of goals and rewards.  Check them out here.

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