Friday, April 6, 2012

Which Princess...

I had a relaxing night watching Disney movies, Beauty and the Beast followed by The Little Mermaid.  I was never big into the princesses, since I was a tomboy.  When asked who my favorite was I always said Cinderella because she was the first one I knew and I thought I could at least resemble her with blonde hair and all.  So lately I have been questioning who would I pick as my favorite Disney princess.  I narrowed it down to Belle, Ariel, and Cinderella.

She is intelligent.  She loves to read and follow her imagination.  She'll do anything for her family (her father).  She's not afraid to speak her mind.  She'll stand up for what is right.  She can be stubborn, but also compassionate.  She can see inner beauty in others.  What I don't like about Belle:  I could not think of a con for Belle, so I did a little research to see what other people had to say.  Some people say that she broke her promise to the beast to stay forever.  When he was treating her that way, would you stay?  She went back when the situation presented itself.

She is adventurous and out going, which some people say leads to her being disobedient.  She loves her family, but knows that she has to do what's right for herself even if it goes against her father's wishes..  She's loves learning about new things.  She has Flounder!  She follows her heart.  What I don't like about Ariel:  She's selfish.  She makes decisions without thinking on how it could effect others.  She's 'obsessed' with a guy.  Although it was for love, she chose the land and a man over her family.



She is very kind.  She does a lot for other but never expects anything in return.  She is always happy and believes that good things will come to her.  She is very patient.  She works hard in hopes that one day all her dreams will come true. What I don't like about Cinderella:   She can be too kind.  She stays in a bad situation with her step mother and sisters.  Why didn't she just leave and try and make it on her own?  Her fairy godmother basically hands her everything, instead of going out and pursuing her dreams on her own.

All the princesses are great role models.  From what I hear, you need to choose your favorite princess when registering for the half marathon.  So who would I choose?



  1. Fun choice! Now you need to get yourself a yellow running something for inspiration ;)

    1. I love Ariel's colors so much, I may just get an outfit for her too! :)