Thursday, April 5, 2012

Recording Workouts

When I ran back in college (2006) I never recorded mileage or times, I had a general idea but never kept track of it.  Back then, I did it more to relieve stress and to get into shape.  I didn't even own a fitness watch, I just put in my ear buds and ran.  A year ago (4/11/11), when I started running again, I got a little notebook and started writing down miles and times.  I found this to be a great motivator!  I loved to see my mileage increase or my time drop!  I ran for two months and then we had a crazy heat wave and just stopped.  I ran a couple of times in the fall.  But now I'm gearing up for the long haul!

I got an app on my phone (iMap My Run) that records the miles and times for me!  And then it even tells me the pace I was running at.  Could it get much easier?  Only downside, is that I can see where my mileage was a little off before from doing it on MapQuest or driving it in the car.  But I love that I now how that accuracy that I can rely on!

Jeff Galloway suggests a little more detail:
Morning Pulse
Time of run
Distance covered
Time running

Walk-run frequency
Any special segments of the run (speed, hills, race, etc.)
Running companion
How did you feel (1-10)

I think I'm going to not do as much detail, but definitely use some of his suggestions!

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